Our team wanted to create a health app because we believe technology was made to make our world a better place. At first we didn't have any ideas, but we ended up playing around with SpriteKit in Xcode and decided to create a game and learn SpriteKit at the same time.

What it does

MemShape is a mobile app developed for iOS that helps people of all ages strengthen their memory through a game. The app will show a sequence of shapes and the user will try their best to memorize the sequence and recreate it by clicking on the buttons. The app will progressively get harder as the sequences become longer. When the player makes a wrong move, the game will show their all-time high score which encourages players to play again and beat their high score. From the menu, the user can set their settings and be able to challenge their friends.

How we built it

The app was developed using Swift and SpriteKit in Xcode. For emails, the app uses SendGrid's iOS API to send multiple challenge emails and keep track of user engagement.

//Using SendGrid to send challenges to their friends
//Swift API Link:
let session = Session()
session.authentication = Authentication.apiKey(SG_API_KEY)
let personalization = Personalization(to: emailsList)
let htmlText = Content(contentType: ContentType.htmlText, value: "<h1>Insert email content</h1>")
let email = Email(
    personalizations: [personalization],
    from: Address(email: emailAddress),
    content: [htmlText],
    subject: "MemShape Challenge"
do {
    try session.send(request: email)
} catch {

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge for us as a team was to come up with our app idea. We wanted something that's not only a good learning experience, but can prove beneficial to society in the future. When we came up with the concept of MemShape, we realized it combined our goal of creating a fun, addicting app with having something that will benefit other people's health. The other big challenge we ran into was with the SendGrid API. SendGrid's primary platform is not iOS, so we ran into some problems with our API key and authentication. Thankfully, after talking with one of SendGrid's representatives, we were able to fix the problem.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

• Being able to create a game from scratch using SpriteKit
• Being able to integrate SendGrid's API in our app
• Being able to make something fun and helps people's health at the same time

What we learned

• What hackathons are like (first time for all of us)
• New tools and languages we can use to build a product
• Time management and efficiency

What's next for MemShape

• Add more levels with more shapes
• Upload app to App Store to allow a direct link to download app in Challenges
• GameCenter integration

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