Our generation wants the best of everything right now, how can we deliver the funniest laughs asap

What it does

It's like tinder but for memes, like and dislike memes

How we built it

html, Bootstrap, php, and great communication

Challenges we ran into

Keeping up on school work and also not falling asleep while trying to make the deadline for all of our websites goals

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For almost all of us on the group this was our very first website built so being able to learn the language and these skills to build something like this has been an awesome journey.

What we learned

We all learned what it's like to team build a big project in such little time, good communication allowed us to multi-task this project.

What's next for MEMS

Improve algorithms to allow the funniest memes to be presented first, a featured page, and make it more user friendly.

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