One of our team members was the first bride married in VR and remembering that moment was in virtual space. In the project we created, a person is able to take a physical memento and be transported into a memory.

Given the opportunity with the latest VR technologies, we are finding ways in which people can relive moments.

What it does

Watson creates a bank of memories that is easily organized and searching. We attempted to score a set of photos for various types of life moments.

How I built it

We used Unity, HTC Vive, C#, IBM Watson API, and Bluemix.

Challenges we ran into

We were unable to use more conceptual or abstract moments due to low confidence scores associated with certain types of photographs including (birthday cakes, babies etc.). We expected a higher confidence score for such objects and people.

Accomplishments we're proud of

What I learned

We learned that we needed to be very specific and test many different scenarios, pivoting and adjusting our idea given that life moments and recreating a virtual space to represent reality is very broad.

What's next for MemoryVR?

We would have created and completed full integration with an existing social network, Facebook Graph API, which initially was a part of our concept.

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