Inspired by the leading neurodegenerative disorder affecting 45% of Canadians over 65 years old, MemoryMate is an app that helps patients cope with their symptoms, re-introducing them to themselves all under one app. This app focuses on helping the patients regain the “human aspects” of life, such as remembering birthdays, loved ones, and special moments, rather than curing their dementia completely.

What it does

Features of MemoryMate includes a greetings page, a personalized journal, a contacts list, and games to stimulate the mind. After launching the app, the user is greeted with the message “Welcome, (name)! Today is (date) and you are (age) years old”. The user is then lead to a menu which displays the journalling, games, contacts, and settings options. The journaling feature allows the user to write new journal entries or review past ones, reminiscing on special moments or writing about new ones. The games feature creates an environment that provides the user with mental stimulation in a fun and engaging manner, including games such as memory flash cards and simon says. The contacts feature has an option for the user to review previously added contacts or create new ones, helping them refresh their knowledge of the people in their lives. Each contact contains the name of the person, age, relation to the user, and birthday, along with a contact image.

How we built it

  • Python, Java, XML
  • Outlined our design and implemented sketches to visualize the idea
  • Brought the idea to life using a low fidelity wireframe then converting it to a high fidelity wireframe
  • Simulating the app using Android Studio to test and run our product

Challenges we ran into

  • Trying to work with multiple languages, as everyone in the team is comfortable with using different programming languages
  • Working and familiarizing ourselves with Android Studio, since none of us have previous experience with it

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Developing a mini-game within the app to improve cognitive abilities within patients
  • The aesthetic aspects of the app which created a simple and use to navigate user interface which allows our target demographic (senior citizens) to use our app seamlessly
  • Incorporation of multiple languages
  • Working on Android Studio

What we learned

  • We further developed our knowledge on Android Studio
  • Working with Adobe XD to develop a wireframe for our app to demonstrate its features and abilities

What's next for MemoryMate

We see this product being developed into something that’s more than just an app, we see this as being developed into its own device. Smartphones can be difficult to navigate and by implementing this product as its own device, we are able to remove the unnecessary complexities associated with the smartphone. Business wise, we expect our product to be recommended to patients by doctors as a “pocket pal” for on the go mind stimulation.

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