CS1 - CureSoft

As a team we decided to name our product Memory Box.

Memory box is a mobile application and portal that allows for people with dementia to log and recall memories throughout the day using the application. The portal allows the individual with dementia to further analyze their searches, entries and frequencies of search to see the progress of dementia and how they can change their life for the better.

We learned a lot from this hackathon, as we had a unique opportunity to get mentored from amazing people from industry and people who are experiencing dementia first hand. By talking with these mentors the scope of our project changed dramatically for the better and we feel that we have developed a solid product.

If we could continue Memory Box as a full company, we would try to partner with doctors and caregivers to enable more features for the portal side of the project. This could allow caregivers and doctors to analyze their patience and assess how they are at home. This could enable a new level of care giving as it could allow doctors to know if the patient is taking their medication and following other health regimes.

For the patient we want to create an extremely simple interface that could allow for seamless usage when entering or retrieving a log. We think a potential method could be using a smart watch or a dedicated device that could further ease the strain of logging. The overall goal of our group is to help individuals with dementia live an independent life and decrease the stress they feel when trying to recall something they forgot.

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