About the app

MemoryBook is the app that allow Family-Search app Users to connect with one another to share and post historical family Genealogical Data. Our team interview with young generations,Parents and Children indicates that they need a happening app that can provide live interactions, realtime updates while posting and sharing of family genealogical data.....If you have been to facebook, You can easily use this app.....

App Features

Users Registered in the app to provide few credentials and Nickname. This Nickname is very important as its combine with venerable Family Search API to create individual sessions.

Automatic Users Login via FamilySearch API enviromental Call:
To Login, User needs to first enter nickname obtained during Registration and will be redirected to Family Search Website where user will enter username and password to be authenticated.

Friends Automatic Connectivity
Whenever a new User is registered, He or She is automatically connected to each other to post and share family genealogical data in realtime. But in production, the app will allow users to Send and accept friend request in realtime

Posting and Sharing of Family Historical Files
Easily Share text messages,videos,photos with realtime updates and notifications alerts. Your Friends, Families and Relations will see the post shared in realtime, they can comment and like the data being shared.You can pick your family relations positions during data sharing and posting. For instance you can specify whether if the post belongs to GrandFather,GrandMother, Father, Uncle etc....

Genealogical Family Data Sorting
Family data are automatically sorted in a genealogical other. For instance, one can access his Grands Father Genealogical records from a particular Page....

Fully integrated Chat system

Fully Integrated Chat System that allow users to share messages, files, videos securely one on one with each in real time with real time typing notifications and Friends online and offline presence...

Automatic Photos Album generations Whenever a user post or share photos, a photo album is generated for that user based on photos and files being shared.... This Photo album will be viewable to Friends, Families and relations in realtime.

Fully Integrated with other Social Network

This app allow users to share a link of the Posted Family historical data like facebook, twitter,LINKENDIN,Google+ etc... for the purpose of sharing families Data links across various network in realtime

Testing Instructions
You can create as many account as possible but below is an already created account

Nickname= Fred
Then use Family Search Username and Password to Login

USERNAME= tum000142363
PASSWORD= 1234pass

About our Team

Our Team comprises of 5 Members whic includes. Esedo Fredrick C.,Miao Gloria, Jimmy HO,Titus Ubah and Esedo Jutina. Everyones contributions was great and awesome. We all thank God for good health and knowledge disspated towards making this app a successful framework.

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