Memory Zoo


This Alexa Skill is a memory game for children optimized for the Echo Show and available for all Echo devices. The game aims to entertain children while helping them improve their memory skills.


The player is presented with a sequence of animals and asked to recall that sequence and repeat it back to Alexa. With each correct response, the task becomes more challenging. The game ends when the player successfully completes the sixth level.

Display-Enhanced and Audio-Only Experiences

Memory Zoo tailors the experience to the user's device. On devices with a display, such as the Echo Show, the user is presented with images of animals. This experience tests the player's ability to memorize information presented visually. On devices without a display, such as the Echo Dot, Alexa speaks the names of the animals in the zoo. This experience tests how well the player uses her listening skills to memorize information.

The different experiences allow families with any device to enjoy the game. Users who play both formats can discover whether they memorize better from visual or audio cues.

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