There was no memorization tool on the App Store that helped high School students memorize the Unit Circle: a useful tool for trigonometry and calculus, so I decided to make one. I also wanted to help others memorize all 6 functions (Sin, Cos, Tan, CSC, Sec, and Cot) for all the angles (0-360) degrees, or (0-2π) radians. We were only required to learn Sin, Cos, and Tan for 0-90, then apply the knowledge to the other angles, since they were just reference angles to the root angles. Basically, I started with one idea --the unit circle-- and I and tried to expand it into a memorization platform.

What it does

It's suppose to help people memorize topics in a fun and intuitive way. Though it only has one module, one "topic," more will be coming.

How I built it

I used Xcode to do the coding. I used Sketch to help design the UI, App icon, and basic self Marketing Screen to post on my social media.

DISCLAMER: I started working on this in 2015, for my final project for a Computer Programming class, because I didn't want to use VB, so I used what I knew with Swift. Then I tried to work on it over the summer --I even tried to implement the lock pick game, but I ended up losing a vision for it and ended up putting the app on the back burner. I resumed work on the app for my final project in APCS, and I vowed myself to actually get this posted on the App Store, so for my Make School Summer Academy App I decided to work on it and get it published. And now with Make School Summer Academy coming to a close, I have finally pushed my app to the App Store to get published, and it was!!

Challenges I ran into

  • Having a vision for what I wanted to do
  • Working with constraints for my keyboard
  • Refactoring code: into Constants, and Models

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Actually getting this published on the App Store
  • Working through challenges, no matter how hard or difficult they got

What I learned

  • It's at times better to go for the simpler solution, even though the complex solution might make the UI look better
  • MVC, and how to apply it to my code
  • Learning about when and best use cases to use Protocols, Extensions, and Enums.

What's next for Memory Zip

  • Creating more modules "Topics"
  • Cleaning up UI
  • Further refactoring, so each module can each share some code --when possible.

Built With

  • xcode-8
  • swift-3
  • paint-code-3
  • sketch-4
  • uikit
  • gamekit
  • gamecenter
  • hard-work
  • passion
  • tears
  • sweat
  • icons8
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