We are a group of university students who experienced high school during the COVID-19 pandemic so we feel that support in education is greatly needed for all students of all ages, in all specialties.

What it does

Memory is a flashcard applciation that allows you to upload flashcards, play interactive games, and view them. It accepts multiple types of formats, and it's a business product that will keep you engaged with whatever content you're learning.

  • Uses AI to instantly generate study resources such as flashcards and practice quizzes from uploaded notes
  • Users are able to access other flashcards and practice quizzes, focusing on any topic, from any user
  • There is a study tracker to record goals for the day and what was accomplished

How we built it

We used the Wix Velo platform to build the majority of our application, including the frontend Wix Elements, and APIs such as Wix Data, Fetch, Authentication, Pricing, and Members API. These APIs helped us augment the backend, which we also improved the latency of using backend tools such as AWS Lambda, EC2, and DynamoDB. For the AI aspect, we used a Lambda endpoint hosting GPT-3.5 turbo/LLaMa pretrained model on a GPU to generate queries in real time, and send them back using JSON embedded HTTP responses.

Challenges we ran into

Wix loads very slowly, and the documentation was very long. We solved this issue by going through the most difficult parts first, and also cloning data when needed to improve speed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Some of our group members have never made a website before so it was very exciting to create each page and learn about UI/UX
  • Creating the flashcard generator was immensely satisfying especially since this is a resource that we are now able to use for our own education
  • Creating the quizzes based on flashcards was also very exciting because we had never worked with Velo before and we had never done a project like this so being able to overcome many "firsts" helped us feel a great sense of accomplishment

What we learned

This helped us learn more about the Wix API, and how to use Wix Velo in a project.

What's next for Memory

Next, we will improve the features and add more Wix elements, such as the Wix Windows to automate data sending, and possibly improve security and complexity of the Wix Member API usage in our app.

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