This was inspired by the chimpanzee memory test done in a study to test their working memory compared to humans. They play a game on a screen where numbers are scattered across the screen and flash for a split-second, then they have to tap them in ascending order (see thumbnail or link below).

I also thought this idea was great because I used to play Luminosity and other great brain-training games, but most of them only gave you limited access to each game and a certain amount of playtime each day. I wanted to create a snippet of a free version of Lumosity.

What it does

A certain number (chosen by the user) of random English alphabet letters flashes on the screen for one second each. The user must memorize all of these letters, then they must either type all of those letters in order or type one of the specific letters asked (ex. in the given set of letters "asd", asks for 2nd letter, so correct answer would be "s")

How we built it

Used Java WindowBuilder in Eclipse

Challenges we ran into

-Learning GitHub during the hacking period (this is my first hackathon so I wasn't familiar with how to use GitHub

-Re-learning Java syntax, WindowBuilder features, and timer library

What we learned

-This program could have been separated into several files since the code spanned many lines

What's next for Memory Test (Java)

-Could add different things to memorize like images -Add more challenging questions like "Type the letter two letters before the second letter that flashed" (if "c" flashed, the correct answer to this question would be "a") and typing the letters in reverse order

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