Application Overview

Memory Meds allow the user to input prescription information, vaccination records, and surgical history into a single easy-to-navigate application. Patient misdiagnosis and prescribing errors, especially in the geriatric population, are caused by providers not having access to complete patient medical data during treatment. Our application gives users the ability to self-advocate in healthcare settings.


Research Phase Identifying Patient Health safety issue solutions requires knowing what current is lacking in common settings that we can provide with our team's unique skillsets. We were informed that patient prescription errors, such as prescribing a new medication that can not be used with current medication, are commonly caused by a lack of medical record reconciliation during treatment. Older at-risk populations are the least likely to know how to provide their electronic medical data. Realizing this, we began mocking up our application.

MockUp Phase Having a solid framework of what our ideal app would look like from the front end as well as user flow is an important way to solidify tasks to delegate while keeping us on track. We used FIGMA to design an interactive wireframe.

*MatLab Dev * No one on our team had previous MatLab experience. We used the resources available to us and worked with the MatLab application workshop mentor to learn MatLab app development as we built our application. App designer allowed us to program mutable text fields that save patient data in an accessible table that acts as their comprehensive medical record. Making these tables sortable and navigable was also very doable in MatLab. As a team, we delegated tasks by preexisting experience so learning in a short amount of time would be more efficient.


We first planned to develop a database of medicines that would let users select prescription names from a drop-down of options parsed from openFDA, an FDA-run API. Unfortunately, we ran into several issues regarding this feature. We experienced difficulties importing openFDA data to Matlab in a usable format. These difficulties impeded our ability to make integrate a feasible interface using the aforementioned data. As a team, we decided to halt the development of this feature so we may focus resources on other important project tasks.

What's next for Memory Meds

  • Mobile compatible
  • Text-to-speech accessibility
  • PDf export of data / QR code
  • Emergency contact information
  • FDA drug interaction warnings
  • Med reminders


Matlab is very user-friendly when developing an application. Teamwork with the group showed everyone what it would be like working in the real world.

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