In your childhood and in your past, there are images that are really cute and you treasure them a lot, while there are also images that make you cringe a bit. Nonetheless, you enjoy having these images, but in the past, technology was not too advanced and most people only have hard copies of such images. This app allows you to see all the images throughout your life at some location, some of which are positive or negative memories you had.

What it does

This app features multiple screens where you can access your profile, memories, and other information that describes what the app does. It also allows the user to capture images through the webcam or phone, noting where you took it and when.

How we built it

We used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and some ejs in the frontend and Node.js for the backend.

Challenges we ran into

Using the Microsoft API for faces and emotions was very difficult using application/octet-streams rather than application/json, but this issue was fixed after multiple hours spent with a Microsoft representative named Tim. We also initially had some issues with server-side scripting which was rather difficult to debug, but these problems were eventually fixed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are able to create a technologically complex application given such a limited amount of time, and the sleep sacrifice was very worth it.

What we learned

We learned about how to use different APIs and integrate them into the application. We also learned the intricacies of server-side programming.

What's next for Memory Lane

Due to the limited amount of time, we only implemented the core functionalities of the application. In the future, we would like to make this a form of social media where other people (upon your permission) can see your memories and you can see their memories. That way, you and potential new friends can relate to certain memories at certain locations. We would also want to optimize the application in general to account for scalability issues as this project grows.

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