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At this point in virtual reality history, games offer a superior immersive experience over 360˚ video because the participant has the ability to travel through and interact with the environment using various external controllers, which is unlike video capability. Considering this limitation, I wanted to create a 360˚ video project that used camera movement as a purposeful enhancement in telling a story about a journey through someones warped and manipulated memory. I really wanted to push the technical limits of what can be done by combining various capturing technologies such as stop motion, Multi / lapse , stop motion and virtual reality.

The project I am entering into the VR JAM is the proof of concept piece to set the stage for a fully produced short film to be created at a later time.


The goal of this project was to be as innovative as possible using technology and actors to tell a story through an incredibly powerful perspective. In this case the capturing technology had priority over story because it is best to feel comfortable with a new tool and its nuances so the stories of future projects would benefit.


There are 3 acts to this story where the participant faces fear, hope and serenity. These human emotions are to be captured using a mix of Time lapse, stop motion, and slow motion.

Act 1 / fear- I wanted to utilize the nights darkness to set the immediate tone of fear. At the beginning of the story the main character enters the screen with luggage in hand to symbolically show that they are on a journey but it also can be interpreted that he, like most people, has " baggage ". As they pass through the gates ( big lights ) candles would be slowly lit one by one to surround the camera. ( similar the the music video by the Police ) As the amount of light intensified from the candles additional light would expose people that were hiding in the dark. They appeared half dead or threatening. Just like a lot of things that are lock away in our minds that pop out once in a while subconsciously. Since, the camera is using the time lapse method to capture you can see the candles burning down faster very fast.

Act 2 / hope- The camera would travel to the front of a home where the participant would see a tricycle. A black light would reveal hopscotch drawings and lawn being painted or chalked in on the concert floor. A coat rag and welcome mat indicate that the viewer is entering a home but without walls or form. As the camera enters we see a childs bed with teddy moving around unsettled. Up ahead we see nothing but infinite darkness filled by the set decorations of the kitchen and family room slowly being put into place using stop motion technics. The music and actions of the actors would portray a feeling of hope. The camera exits out the back of the house.

Act 3 / serenity- camera would see a man in beard holding a picture frame. Which is really the main characters future self. As the camera gets close we start to see that the art that was in the picture frame is leaving through his feet and we see a forced perspective chalk art come to life and grow across the concrete below. Art would be similar to At the sudden cue of the music the lights go out and drawings, set decorations and main character props are only visible by a glow in the dark out line of everything, The look would resemble a 60s acid trip which ends with the main actor ( current & future self ) finding a gold treasure chest in front of a mirror to symbolize reflection and finding ones self.


Four SLR cameras are on top of a motion control robot who I call Johnny 5. The robot was rebuilt last week to accommodate this shoot and I need to test and use the tools I have created. Just It was important to push the limits of capturing and I knew there could be side effects of the moving, darkenss and only 4 cameras on the rig so there are more stitching errors then I would like but I have some talented people working on a blending solution for that. Once I have more time with the gear I plan to incorporate better use of story telling techniques.

With very little rehearsal time the actors took my cue on when to move. Johnny 5 the robot was set to open the camera shutters for 6 seconds and move approximately an inch during the shutter delay. It was during the delay that the actors would move slightly. Because the system was recording long exposure I kept moving to avoid being seen on camera. The actors were motionless on the most part so they were visible.


A complete failure of one of the SLR cameras delayed the start by 4 hours. Despite the challenges our team did an amazing job of problem solving and getting the camera working but I had to deviate substantially from the planned script.

At 1:25 am we were set for the time lapse portion and the moon came out behind the mountain on time. If you pay attention you can see it appear then dart across the night sky. Notice the stars moving very slowly.

At 4:20am the sun started to come up but we had enough footage for a concept piece.


This was an incredible experience. I have exponentially increased my knowledge and better understand know how to improve the immersive experience for the participant. We ran out of night before we could capture everything but I knew that the script was very ambitious with a very limited budget crew and time. There will be a need to alter procedures and equipment before the real video is created. This project would serve as a concept piece to longer and more immersive Memory Lane to be shot at a future date.


Everyday 100s of Police Officers, Firefighters, and First Responders of all kind across the globe are traumatize by unpredictable brain jarring situations that they must face and live with for the rest of their lives. I want to be apart of this VR movement that will evolve human evolution in a positive way through entertainment, education, and helping those cope or remove mental Illnesses from their lives such as Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, suicide, anxiety. I am learning the VR tools and process now to hopefully help those who help us.

Built With

  • final-cut
  • light-room
  • motion-control-software
  • pt-gui
  • quicktime
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