Memory Jar is an iPhone/iPod app that makes it really easy to capture all sorts of treasured memories about your kids. Use Memory Jar to capture and remember all their childhood memories big and small:

  • Family trips and cool adventures.
  • Proud milestones and all of their 'firsts'.
  • Silly things they've said (or shouldn't have).
  • Artwork and school projects.
  • Fun times or delightful moments.

With Memory Jar and Evernote you'll never again forget life's special moments:

CAPTURE MEMORIES FAST. - Capture a new memory for one or more children. - Add title, text and tags to provide details of each memory. - Add brilliant photos to really enrich your memories. - Saved to Evernote immediately.

RECALL SPECIAL MOMENTS. - Browse a timeline of memories for each child. - Switch to photo browse mode to visually navigate your memories. - Edit and update memories with ease.

STORE MEMORIES FOREVER. - Beautifully formatted memories inside Evernote. - Memories are tagged under "Memory Jar" so you'll always find them easily. - Never forget those treasured memories of your kids. - Build a rich history of their lives growing up.

Available soon in the App Store.

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