As a kid, I enjoyed memory games that were challenging but not impossible. I loved games that struck a balance between not being too easy or being too hard. After reading that Amazon Alexa has started allowing kid skills and presented this challenge, I decided to bring what I found fun as a kid to a new generation.

What it does

This Amazon Alexa skill is a memory games for kids. The game will present a small list of words to you (out of 100!) and then ask a question about the list. Make sure to memorize the list in order to answer the question! An example would be “what word was before dog?”

This game can be played alone, or with friends working together to score on all rounds! The game offers two difficulty modes, normal and hard. Normal repeats the word list every round, while hard does not. Hard offers the extra challenge for those wanting to practice their memory as you have to remember the list purely in your mind from start to finish!

How I built it

I built it using Amazon Webservices and Node.js. I was able to create a Lambda function in AWS and to use AWS S3 to store the mp3 files for the audio noises and opening.

Challenges I ran into

The major challenge I ran into was keeping kids’ attention. At first, I made the word list go until a mistake was made but I was told it got boring. I then put a hard limit on ten rounds, but was told it was too long. I then found the sweet spot of five rounds and so far, kids love it! After that, I made sure to add random sounds and a personalized voice to grab and keep the kids attention, as the skill will be different than just a normal Alexa skill.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I’m proud that children take to my skill and actually have a great time playing it. Hearing their laughter and seeing their smiles warms my heart. This means so much to me, especially since this is my first Alexa game and I am self-taught.

Also, I’m happy that adults love playing as well. I’ve been challenged multiple times on who can get a perfect score on hard first!

What I learned

I learned how to make an engaging skill for kids and learned what they found exciting about voice first skills. I also learned how to create an Alexa game. I can take these skills to make more voice first apps.

What's next for Memory Game For Kids

At first more words and more categories for words. In the future, I want to add an “endless” mode which makes the list continue to get bigger and bigger until the first mistake is made.

Where can I get the skill?

You can get the skill on the Amazon Skill store or from this link:

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