Facebook, Picasa and Flickr help your remember your experiences as pictures. Your diary has your most intimate thoughts written in it. Your phone logs your communication during an experience.

What if you could have the best of everything come together in a complete "Story"? That's what Memory Bubbles does. It records your text messages, names of the people you spoke to, the pictures you took and the audio clips you recorded during an experience, all in the background and lists them in a "Timeline" view. All these provide context for your own thoughts as you enter them. This way, you never forget the little stories of life. So, go ahead... Capture it all.

Of course you can turn off recording altogether and only enter your thoughts manually or choose the info you want to be recorded.

You can sync this data with your Evernote account to store it securely.

Memory Bubbles DOES NOT process/store/send your data to any location other than your Evernote account.

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