Augmented reality memories - that is the boring technical description. Leave a memory in a bottle on a special location for others to find and read. Think of a digital version of a message in a bottle or a padlock on a bridge.


Everybody wants to leave a legacy after them. With Memory Bottles you can leave “eternal digital messages” where ever you go.

Instant messages are instantly forgotten. A message that is free to send and easy to receive will soon become worthless. Memory Bottle requires the user to be physically located where the message was left to be able to read it.

See out videos for compelling examples of how to use these messages. Send messages to your future children. Make history human. Make digital and lasting memorials.

What it does

Memory Bottle is a mobile app built entirely during the TechCrunch Hackathon in London 2016.

With the app installed user are able to put and see memories with photo and text in an augmented reality. Memories are represented like stars around them. The stars slowly rise to the sky as they age - but never fully disappear.

Memories are left in a "memory bottle"" on the geographical location it's created.

The memory is then only accessible on that location.

What's next for Memory Bottle

User relation

  • Memory Bottle users can connect with other users. Expanding private memories with this network.
  • Notification when interesting memories are close by.
  • Share memories together as a group.
  • Share private memories with a closed group.
  • Memory Bottle will recognize users that share memories together to be part of a social network.

Touch a memory

  • Memories that are given much attention will grow and memories that receive very little attention will slowly fade away.


  • Limit amount of memory bottles
  • Users receive a limit set of bottles over time.
  • Users will have possibly to buy memory bottles or get bottles from sponsoring partners.
  • Special bottles for special occasions can be sold.
  • Future memories - gift cards where a user needs to go to a location to pick up the card. For example, buy a drink at a friends favorite bar and leave it as a “future memory” for them to pick up.

The app will be available on Android and iOS visit our website for more information.

The domain name is two fold both in the meaning that we store memories and that memory bottles will be available for sale in the future.

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posted an update

Update time!

A lot has happened since December, and we have created something a lot more usable since we showed Memory Bottles on stage!

Splash screen

alt text

Map view

We've added a map view, showing surrounding memories, and areas of interest. You can still only view memories close to your position, but we wanted to add the ability to search for memories, hence the addition of areas of interest. Areas of interest is always visible on the map, and indicates if any memories are posted in that area.
alt text

Star view

This view is the view we spent most time on during the hackathon. Since the hackathon our main focus has been to perfect the algorithm alt text

Post memory view

alt text

Memory view

alt text

History view

We have added a list of the users last added memories alt text

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