I have worked in printing industry before and I saw how customer support do the same job to gather order info from customers by calls and emails. So, I got an Idea to let the chatbot handle the photobook creation process

What it does

It create a photobook form your images It suppose to create a pdf It can get the necessary info to deliver the

How we built it

We make use of open source libraries and AWS Lambda + AWS API gatway Bot : claudia-bot-builder NLP : natural , nlp_compromise AWS : Lambda API gateway+ Connection : Request :

Challenges we ran into

  • making the chatbot friendly with NLP
  • generating pdf with lambda is complex : - alot of libraries require

So we use an Html version of the

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • making the boot understand differentiate between the normal talk and the order details
  • we make it in 15 days because we saw the announcement lately

What we learned

  • Dealing with AWS Lambda and API Gateway
  • Dealing with NLP with node js to understand the

What's next for memories printman

  • Connecte it with Magento to create a real order for your photobook
  • Connected to pdf engine to create a print-ready version of the pdf

Built With

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