Imagine you've taken a picture of a beautiful sunset, a screenshot of checkin information for a hackathon, and a quick snap of a cool shirt you want to be sure to try on the next time you go shopping. A week or two later, when you are talking about sunsets with your friends you try to show them the picture you took but there are too many pictures of food and homework to scroll through. You scroll and scroll and end up wasting a lot of time. You don't have the patience to find the picture. The same thing happens at TreeHacks: you're lost without that screenshot. And you never check out that shirt because by now you've forgotten where you saw it and what it looked like.

No apps currently on the app market solve this problem. But Memories onDemand does. Our app lets you caption your photos with keywords and search for them whenever you need them.

This app's target user is every person who takes pictures on his/her smartphone. Because this app has the potential of helping a variety of types of phone users, he user interface is clean and easy to use and does not overwhelm the user with too many options.

We are most proud of Memories onDemand for trying to solve a problem very prominent and reappearing in smartphone users' lives. We hope to improve this app after TreeHacks and hope it will become something appreciated in the consumer world.

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