We thought it would be really cool to venture out and learn something new (Node.js) while working with some really cool API's. Facebook has recently started creating videos for some users, and we think that is really cool. Things such as old videos, photos, statuses, and especially songs can trigger strong emotions and are always good ways to take a step back and enjoy life. That is why we chose to develop a web application that creates a video for a user based on their timeline within recent the year(s).

The way we set up our web application, we let users pick how long they want their video to be (in 30 second intervals). For every 30 second video, we reach 6 months farther back into a user's timeline and grab photos, videos, and posts that were the most popular (based on likes). We also looked at all of the user's Spotify tracks on their playlists within that 6 month period. The song with the highest "popularity" rating (as determined by the Spotify Web API) was matched with that 30 second period in the user's final video.

Once all of this meta data is received, we call the Stupeflix API to construct a video from one of their templates. The video is then made available to the user and they are able to share it on Facebook.

*We are a team of two web developers/designers - Michael Copley and Carson Covell.

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