I have seen people wanting to save their name on places they visit but indeed indulging in harming places like monuments by inscribing their names on them.

I am a wanderer, I like to travel explore and create memories. I wanted to share this experience and leave a mark of my existence at a place and what is better than a digital copy of the same.

But keeping a distance from mass consumerism of modern social media, this idea was kept as simple as possible.

This app was a previous idea of mine, but during Mhacks nano we were able to add few features like chat, private mode and timeline.

What it does

Single window Signup/Login. It lets you share and save private memories at geolocation within 5km of your current location. You can see other people's memories at that location and also like them. To put a cap on a number of memories you see a timeline is added. Group chat to get like a chatroom to get help about the current location.

How we built it

The basic setup like backend server, structure to share and UI components were made before adding other features like timeline, private mode and chat.

Challenges we ran into

Setting up chat component and debugging the sharing of posts between users.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the opportunity to extend the idea during Mhacks Nano.

What's next for Memories

There us a need for Social Network integration like facebook and twitter to leverage upon the basic idea without disturbing the basic sanctity of our app.

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