Dementia varies with every individual and it is difficult for doctors to detect signs of dementia, especially with the long time periods between checkups.


This app is a caring support system that assists doctors and people with detecting early signs and symptoms of dementia and “fill in the gaps” between checkups.


  1. If there is a family history of dementia, there is a higher chance that dementia will be passed on to the individual.
  2. If an individual is getting older and they are in this case, a doctor may suggest them to use a beacon and this app.
  3. If the individual would like to use this, they may give consent to certain people (most likely family and friends) who will be accompanying this individual through this process. The doctor may instruct the individuals about the basic information about this app and dementia.
  4. The patient will receive the beacon and if family members are with the patient and they notice there is a change in physical, behavioural, or mood of the individual, they will use this app to log this information.
  5. This information will be sent to the family doctor. With this information, the doctor is able to see change in the individual over time and track any trends to allow earlier assessment and diagnoses of dementia.


  • it is convenient, you just have to download the app on your phone
  • you are most likely to be living with people around you and have company
  • it’s adaptable, you just have to carry the beacon
  • beacons are not expensive, they are affordable
  • they are waterproof
  • they are fairly small, and convenient to carry


  • Yes it is realistic because there is a demand for this information, there is a need for diagnoses.
  • It takes stress out of care-givers, they really care about this situation

Technical Innovation

  • people are having trouble with tracking and pre-diagnosis right now
  • there isn’t anything in the market like this right now
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