Alzheimer's is a very common disease that has been flowing on from years yet there is not cure to it. There is no greater pain than actually forgetting the ones you love and it is even worse for people who are very close to them. We know that it is a very difficult process to go through and we came up with this idea of using the modern tech to slightly better the lives of these patients.

How we build it

We brainstormed for a bit and thought about the various implementations a chatbot could have that could not only benefit us but also help society and people in society and in general, make lives better. That's when we came with the idea of creating an app that could help Alzheimer's patients with their day to day tasks.

Alzheimer's patients have it tough, depending on the degree of the disease, their ability to perform trivial tasks can vary. They use sticky notes to try and remember basic things and in general, have to depend on family to live life.

Enter MemorAi, a chatbot integrated into an app, memorai. This chatbot is like a personal assisstant to the Alzheimer's patient! It helps with daily tasks and answers basic questions that the patient might have. Reminders can be set by just asking the bot to do so! Apart from this, it also keeps track of close contacts which can be accessed by the patient, merely by asking for the same.

In a likely scenario where the patient might feel like he/she is forgetting something, memorai can step in and really help out. It's easy to interact capability helps with common problems that a patient might face such as forgetting to take his/her medicines or forgetting their way home. In any case, memorai has the patient covered and the patient will feel safe.

The frontend was built using flutter and dart. Multiple plugins were used and additional features like patient login and a memory game were incorporated. The interface is simple and easy to use. Even people not too familiar with smart devices should not have much of an issue navigating around the app.

The backend included some python to access The bot was trained to handle several different kinds of utterances and can manage to help patients with their daily tasks and possibly provide interesting data for doctors to study and analyze.

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