Whenever we browse through pictures of friends and families on Instagram about interesting places they have been to, doesn't that just makes you want to be there physically as well? We are always amazed at how different people can bring different experiences to the same place and believe that it will be interesting to bring all these experiences together.

What it does

It generates a personalised memory route based on the user preferred distance and places of interest. It then takes the user on a journey as it navigates them to the set locations. At each specific destinations, they get to browse photos/videos of their loved ones. It allows users to relive precious memories of their loved ones as they made their own way to explore places.

How I built it

We utilise HERE API, Android studio and Instagram API.

Challenges I ran into

Mainly debugging on APIs and codes Lack of time

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We got an app up and running!

What's next for Memor

We would like to incorporate the augmented reality experience into Memor so that we can share our adventures with loved ones who can't be physically there.

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