The idea for Memolytic originated from one thing that everyone on our team had individually aligned with, which was that we enjoyed tracking our day-to-day activity via journalling but found it challenging to find the time and motivation to create entries every day.

What it does

Memolytic turns the act of journalling into a habitual conversation with your virtual assistant of choice right before your go to bed each night. Your responses are recorded, converted to text, and analyzed using a text-blob NLP algorithm to measure the state of your overall wellness across 7 dimensions (environmental, emotional, financial, social, spiritual, physical, and intellectual). Armed with this information, you can identify areas of your wellness that merit more attention, allowing you to become a more mindful, happy person.

How we built it

Memolytic was built using three main components. First, a Voice User Interface (VUI) was used to interpret the spoken responses and save to the MongoDB database. Second, two servers were established to store journal data and transfer and interface with the data. Lastly, an open-source NLP library was used to evaluate the _ polarity _ (i.e. degree of positivity or negativity) of each response.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge we faced was while attempting to successfully interface among a wide variety of tech stacks (Python, Node.js, Google Cloud, MongoDB, Voiceflow, and JavaScript frontend), since they all had different requirements and operated on their own terms. Another ongoing challenge we had was in debugging JavaScript... it was like prime-factoring, there's simply no efficient way to do it :(

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The thing we accomplished this weekend that we are most proud of was being able to reimagine journalling by integrating the act of daily individual reflection into a normal nighttime routine.

What we learned

The two most valuable things we learned through this project were 1) the concept of the "7 dimensions of wellness" and how each dimension plays a critical role in ensuring good overall health, and 2) using voice as a data stream and a user interface.

What's next for Memolytic

There are many potential avenues for Memolytic. Down the road, the platform will be able to provide personalized recommendations in order to improve overall wellness by prompting more insightful user responses and integrating their daily calendar to optimize productivity and mindfulness efforts.

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