Having gone through the process of hunting and trying to buy a good secondhand car. I often bump into not honest seller where a lot of information is kept hidden. Sometimes, to the extent of forging the vehicle year and also the odometer value. This makes it us the buyer difficult to identify the true value or the condition of the vehicle. And buying a secondhand vehicle with a fair value.

What it does

What this application does is allow the owner to register their vehicle with all the immutable information such as chassis, engine number, etc. Besides that, the owner also can record all the services and repairs they have done.

How we built it

Simple EOS contract for the backend. Combined with using React JS to build the frontend interface.

Challenges we ran into

Solo developer with limited resources. (Only able to work on the weekend) Multi-index did not work as intended. This is fix with the updated version of the EOS node. Did not manage to get all the feature planned implemented. It is a basic app with a simple basic interface.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Manage to get a working product deployed to the test net. Understand and build the first smart contract.

What we learned

Gone through Udemy and Training EOS. To understand and develop on the blockchain and smart contracts.

What's next for Memoize

  • Record petrol consumption.
  • Transfer ownership.
  • More input field for other information.
  • Vehicle validation.
  • Bugfix
    • get_table_rows query by-second-index.
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