Text messaging has become one of our most widely used forms of communication. Such a large quantity of messages are sent and received everyday, but few are saved and remembered. Our mission statement is to counteract the void digital communication has brought upon us by allowing users to "journal" and save their meaningful digital moments through image-to-text recognition and categorization.

What it does

Memoize creates a simple quotebook to keep track of screenshots of your online messages. Furthermore, it allows users to classify online conversations based on how the conversation made them feel. On sad days, a user could bring back happy or funny conversations with friends, and a user can also save important information contained in messages

How we built it

We built our app using PhoneGap Build, Cordova, and Firebase. Our application is written in HTML/CSS and JavaScript. We used PhoneGap to demo our app on our mobile devices, and we used Firebase to work with image storage.

Challenges we ran into

Basically none of our team members had experience in backend, and very minimal experience in frontend. Furthermore, none of us knew JavaScript, so it was certainly a learning jump. The biggest challenge we dealt with was connecting our backend and frontend. None of us knew anything about database management, and we worked hard to learn and improve.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First and foremost, we are proud of building something. Our app design is clean and modern, and none of our team members had any graphic design experience. Furthermore, we are proud of how much we have learned. This experience has helped us realize how exciting being a maker can be!

What we learned

We mostly learned how to work with Firebase, graphic design software, and JavaScript, but on top of that, learned a bunch of fun and useful things in between.

What's next for Memoize

We didn't get the chance to integrate our application with an OCR, which we wanted to use to improve searching functions and sentiment predictions. That would definitely be the next step!

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