Imagine a world where you can be hands-free while taking notes, whether you're driving or simply prefer speaking over typing. My app offers a groundbreaking solution with built-in speaker support to make your life easier. This is especially valuable for the elderly, who may not be proficient typists or comfortable juggling multiple apps. Memoir provides a seamless solution for them.

What it does

Memoir is a note-taking app that lets users speak their notes instead of typing them. Additionally, if you have a file that needs translation, you can effortlessly upload it and receive a transcription in your chosen language, thanks to our integrated speech-to-text functionality, which also benefits disabled individuals. Also, If you want chatGPT feature, we also have it right in the app.

How I built it

The app is primarily constructed using React and Typescript, Airtable as our database and I incorporate WhisperAI and ChatGPT for enhanced functionality.


One of our most significant challenges was implementing built-in speech-to-text and managing audio data for text-to-speech conversion. Typescript played a crucial role in ensuring data type correctness throughout the development process.


I take pride in successfully integrating WhisperAI and ChatGPT to cater to various user groups, particularly the elderly, who may not be accustomed to navigating multiple tabs. With Memoir, they can seamlessly access ChatGPT and effortlessly translate foreign language files.

What we learned

Nothing will be impossible if we love it and spend time on it.

What's next for Memoir

In the future, I plan to further enhance ChatGPT integration, allowing for prompt-related questions. I am also developing a chat history board for ChatGPT interactions, making Memoir an even more versatile and indispensable tool.

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