A Brief Introduction

Stickers and GIF animations are so popular and widely used the daily messenger. Creating personalised animation and sticker set is something nice to have. MeMoGIF is a chat-bot which can generate personalised and 3D GIF animations/stickers for you. This can be done fully automatically in a few seconds. All it needs from you is to upload a single 2D face portrait on our hard-drive, or take a selfie of yourself on the phone, or simply paste the URL of an internet image. You can use them in the messenger conversation or share them with friends. Technically, MeMoGIF uses some computer vision approaches to automatically reconstruct a 3D face model of you from the 2D image, and then use it to render 3D animations in different themes. The App is mostly developed in Node.js and implemented using AWS Lambda functions. MeMoGIF is originally released as a public Facebook Messenger chatbot and now it has been re-designed into a Slackbot.

Have fun!

How to Install the App.

MeMoGIF is now in the Slack App Directory. To install it, go to http://www.memogif.com/slack_installation.html, and click the "Add to Slack" button to integrate the App into your Slack team

How to use

Once installed, a bot user will be added your Slack team (normally of a default user name e.g. @memogif-chatbot). Then any user in the Slack team can simply create a direct-message with the bot user and say "Hi" to start, and the bot will interact with him/her. To get helps for the usage of commands etc, just type "help" in the conversation.

(NB: The bot always appears to be "Away", but it will always respond to you whenever you chat with it.)

Slash Commands:

/broadcast [#channel-name]: Broadcast and advertise MeMoGIF in the public channel #channel-name

/memogif [theme]: Post the personalised GIF animation of specified theme (e.g. angry) in the current channel. Currently you can choose from 6 themes: Angry, Laughing, Scare, Yes, No, and Crying.

What's next for MeMoGIF

More themes and new features will be coming up soon!

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