Memo 4 Me


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Memo 4 Me is a website that effectively and safely facilitates the communication between attendees for various events, such as college career fairs, professional networking events, academic conferences, etc. By creating an event-specific personal QR code linked to Memo 4 me users' personal emails or facebook, our users are able to initiate conversations, send and receive messages with other attendees for this specific event. Moreover, they can freely enable or disable the linkage between the event-specific personal QR code and their contact methods.

Technologies we used:

react , meteor, scss/css, Node.js/Javescript, HTML, bootstrap, mongdb, npm, nginx, SSL/HTTPS


Textbelt, Sparkpost


  1. API usage: Not familiar with Sparkpost
  2. Meteor database management: need to figure out how to design the database structure to store user data
  3. Styling: finish styling for multiple pages under limited time constraint
  4. Invalid input handling: need to implement exceptions for invalid user input

What we learned

In this hackathon, we learned the entire development cycle of website, including front-end development and back-end development. Though during the process we encountered a lot of problems, I managed to solve most of them by searching on google or reading the doc. In the end, we successfully built a prototype for our website Memo 4 Me.

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