Memo+ is a simple but very addictive memory game. It is type of the Simon Says Game. Try to repeat the squence of the lights. The sequence of lights gets longer each round. Game ends when you tap wrong button in wrong order.


  • Nice graphics
  • Intuitive UI
  • Sound effects
  • Best result stored in the game
  • Infinite playing

    With Memo+ you will improve your memory.

    Some rules:

    Game starts with the menu screen. You can open help screen (green button), about screen (blue button), see the best result (red button), turn on/off sound (yellow button) or start the game (middle, black button).

    After you press the play button game screen will be opened. Press middle button again to start the game. Game starts with one step sequence. You have to repeat the highlighted buttons pattern to win the game. If you fail to repeat the sequence, game is over. You can play again by pressing middle button.

    Try to beat your best result!

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