We saw a post on reddit about someone who engineered a smart mirror with a raspberry pi to display information in the morning. We adapted that idea to focus on improving the lives of patients with Alzheimer's. We decided to build an app for this hackathon instead to make the project more reasonable and we added functionality for nurses and caregivers to ultimately improve the nursing interaction.

What it does

It allows users with Alzheimer's and their nurses/caregivers to send and manage simple reminders which make every day tasks easier.

How we built it

With a NodeJS backend, running on a MongoDB database in an AWS ec2 instance. The frontend is a locally hosted AngularJS website that does REST requests to the server for easy extensibility. We built a client platform in Android which is very easy to use with bold, clear text for accessibility.

Challenges we ran into

MongoDB dependencies made us switch to a web hosted version of MongoDB. Also, we needed to make some work around to allow notifications with Google Cloud Messaging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We completed a market ready, scalable product that is very cheap/free to implement on any modern computer system with a low barrier of entry for users. Also, it is a very quick and efficient system of transferring and managing information right from the beginning starting with the user until the end with the caregivers.

What we learned

We learned about the quality and quantity of information that the caregiver needs of their patient to offer a high degree of personalized care.

What's next for Memnote

Package Memnote into an easy to install, easy to set up system such that nursing homes and hospitals around the world can implement with little to not cost.

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