Integrating medications into a person's daily life can be extremely difficult. Many people do not consider the fact that the medications themselves also add onto the difficulty of remembering to take the number of pills in the morning, afternoon, and/or evening due to the side effects corresponding to them. Therefore, patients who go through this process and who deal with this issue on the daily basis would benefit in not only having an external system to provide them support.

What it does

When the user registers with Meminder, the user will input their name, email, password, as well as their pharmacy name, pharmacy phone number, support contact name, and support contact phone number as they feel fitted.

After registration, the user will discover that Meminder incorporates a reminder system that allows a user to log in their list of medications - input the name of the medication, a nickname for the medication, the dosage amount, the time they would like to be reminded to take the medication, and the number of refills. It gives the user an information page containing features such as text-to-speech, buttons to change the size of the text, a list of precautions affiliated with the medication, as well as an option to translate the information into the five most common languages used in the US.

The application also uses gamification to encourage users to continue taking their medications. The application displays a screen containing an animation, a title of encouragement, and a description of the award they have reached. The user is able to exit the screen as they please or forward to the next award they have already achieved.

How I built it

Meminder was built using the IDE Xcode using its storyboard feature, UIViewControllers, and UITableViewControllers. We integrated Twilio's Programmable SMS API to enable in-app messaging and used the AVSpeechSynthesizer to provide text-to-speech services within our platform as well.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Coming into this weekend, the team had no knowledge of iOS development. One of the team members had invested some time in learning the syntax of Swift but had very little experience in the development of applications. Throughout the time of working on this project, the team had learned countless concepts regarding text fields, auto layout, Twilio text messaging system, push notifications, and many more.

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