It was a cold night and the clouds were thick such that they let through no moonlight through, this coupled with my existential dread I was forced to ask myself if I were to go tomorrow what would I leave behind. In that pensive state, it came to me I couldn't do any better than to leave the generations to come with my portfolio of memes, a collection of the most appreciating assets I could find.

In a more real sense I came across r/MemeEconomy and thought there could be and actual meme economy which led me to this idea.

What it does

It is a single player realtime game that allows users to purchase memes fetched from various subreddits and then trade those memes as their value appreciates or depreciates based on their popularity on reddit (score, awards, etc.).

How we built it

With the help of a Node/Express backend, React frontend and the JSON Reddit API, this has come into being.

Challenges we ran into

Coming to grips with react's state system and dealing with the Reddit API which reigns the land of undocumented APIs.

Figuring out a metric that would take the popularity of the post on reddit and map it to a number, I wanted it to be influenced by the awards, upvote ratio and even the age of the post but in just the right quantities.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the site live. Feeling pretty confident, might go summit a peak, who knows. The world is my oyster now.

What we learned

Don't mess with undocumented APIs, especially if you have managed to ask yourself, "This doesn't look that bad, how hard could it be?", APIs can hear that and they take it as a personal challenge.

If you wanna learn a framework, language, api etc. the way to go is to dream up an idea and then work in the bounds of that technology and come up with a solution.

A bit of game theory, understanding how to balance the prices of the posts and how to calculate them. Also which metrics to prioritise and by what mathematical means to achieve said scoring metric.

Honourable mentions: Persistent storage in the browser, Loading and saving a game, all the CSS I thought I knew but had forgotten

What's next for Economeme

I would like to add the ability to be able to leverage, short and add multiple players into the mix and program in a pricing metric that depends on supply and demand of memes.

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