I believe that meme marketing is here to stay, brands will continue adopting meme marketing because brand marketing on social media often has low engagement. Most memes builder charge for creating memes, but Memestack will do the opposite, our builder will be 100% free and we will incentivize a high number of memes creations, so we can charge brands to find viral memes related to their business. The brands could create paid meme contests, meme-a-thons!

What it does

It's a free online meme maker that allows you to customize popular meme templates or create your own template. With our drag-and-drop editor, you can customize your meme with zero restrictions—no watermarks.

How I built it

Using react and blockstack storage

What's next for Memestack

Adding social features and build a good content discovery mechanism to make it easy for brands to discover trending memes related to their business, so they can share it easily on social networks and increase their reach.

Meme-a-thons! Create a meme contest with paid prizes for your brand, all memes need to be approved, and rank memes by shares or community votes, or chosen by the organizer.

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