I wanted to introduce the concept of AI, Blockchain and unique transactions for the general mass. So, thought of an angle that involves memes and hence MemesChain.

What it does

Here is an article which covers our app:

How I built it

I built it in 2 months.

  1. Front-end: React + Web3 + MetaMask
  2. Back-end: NodeJS + ETH + Mongo
  3. Service: AWS + Rekognition
  4. And many other tools

Challenges I ran into

There were way too many challenges, everything from beta version libraries, to AI integration with blockchain. Coming to AI and memes, the process of marking something as a duplicate was very error prone. But, the features in AWS Rekognition such as detecting text, marking boundaries, detecting contents helped a lot along with our custom hash solution and algorithms like Levenshtein distance.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am really proud of the whole app and I also launched it on product hunt and became #1 product of the day.

What's next for MemesChain

We are in the process of tying up with brands and bringing up business angle and a competition.

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