At HP CodeWars 2016 in Houston, our group of three spent almost our entire weekend playing Cards Against Humanity, and it wasn't long before we realized it was truly a entertaining and engaging game. As true coonoisseurs of dank memes, we thought it would be only fitting to put two of society's funniest phenomena into one platform, Memes Against Humanity.

What it does

MAH is a fun and interactive game for individuals to play in groups. It allows users to choose funny pre-provided captions to a given image per round, which is then judged by a designated "Meme Lord." The winning caption is then displayed on the actual meme for all players to see and laugh.

How we built it

We used Android Studio and the corresponding emulator to test our code.

Challenges we ran into

Implementing extras across individual activities; game logic was difficult to develop, provided our amateur coding skills. Time was a major restricting factor, but also taught us to prioritize and manage tasks as project developers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

App Icon; Meme library implementation, creativity

What we learned

We were fortunate to learn a lot through our experience in coding our first android app; envisioning an idea is one thing, but knowing how to implement that vision into reality is truly a unique and enlightening experience, something we were fortunate enough to get a taste of during the hackathon this weekend.

What's next for Memes Against Humanity

We want to incorporate wild cards through which users will be able to enter their own funny captions! Moreover, because we were not able to implement this feature in the time given at the hackathon, we aspire to incorporate a point system that will track progress for individuals' wins in the game.

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