MemeRoom by Eric Kim (tundrabun) and Arthur Phan (nahpruhtraton)

Origin Story

Eric likes Jojo memes. Arthur went to section and was inspired to do socket programming.

Fast forward to 01/10/20 17:00. Meet MemeRoom, a chatroom that takes your input text and scrapes the web for images that match and adds your text as impact font over it.

Technologies Used

Obstacles Faced

We intended to explore a lot of options for this chatroom before stumbling upon Chatkit, such as socket programming, Firebase, and other chatroom available technologies. Other than a brief power outage in Isla Vista, the Chatkit tutorial followed was not up to date and was not too straightforward, as this is a new language for us.

Learning Experience

For the both of us, we grasped the bare basics of starting a React application. We also learned how to write a REST API with Flask, and how to make calls to it.

Future Endeavours

This is a work-in-progress. While some components have come alive, such as the image search and text addition to it and using the Chatkit API in localhost, we were optimistic in the features we wanted to include.

In the future, we would like:

  • the ability to have multiple chatrooms
  • to have temporary rooms (close after inactivity/ tab close) and permanent rooms (stay tagged to your account)
  • include audio/video memeing
  • to have it work

Built With

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