In our everyday lives, we encounter may joys of life. We also experience some not so happy moments. However, in our everyday lives, memes are a crucial part of some of the most joyous of days. Through must thought, and wandering in thought, we have come up with the idea of _ memer _. _ memer _ further gives players an oppurtunity to enjoy the viewing of memes while at the same time taking part in games and competitions against other players of the _ memer _ site.

The site/consists of a few parts. Initially, when coming to the site, you have the option of being able to sign in. This allows you to track your progress. When you wish to go in, you must choose from a selection of four meme categories. Cipher Peeps Obama and Biden Kanye and Kim Donald Trump

When you have entered the specific site category, you will be greeted with a game. You must complete 1-5 levels of the game to be able to move forward. Once you have successfully completed the levels as required, you will be given a random meme. As you go through the games, you will be able to further get more memes from the selected meme category. Some memes may be more rare than others and so the more the participants play the more memes they can gather in their _ memerdex _. The _ memerdex _ will be the area in which they players will be able to view their earned memes, as well as trade with other players.


What it does

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for memer

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