Everyone loves memes, everyone loves SnapChat, some people love Tinder.

What it does

MemeOff is a native ios and android game based around the concept of a reverse caption contents. Everyday, a new caption is announced and users can Snap a picture to match the caption, creating a meme. Then, users can vote for their favorite memes using a swipe left, swipe right style of voting.

How we built it

We used Angular + Ionic + AngularFire to write a pure javascript application. We then used Ionic to compile the app into native ios and android.

Challenges we ran into

Angular 1 makes databinding tricky when working with a real time library like firebase. Even AngularFire doesn't quite solve all the async issues with Angular 1's digest cycle.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got it done!

What we learned

Slow and steady wins the race

What's next for MemeOff

The one meme to rule them all.

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