Life is short and we wanted to create a platform that remind us of those happy moments. A platform where we can instill our loved ones Images, interact with those Images and make those memories last forever. And what better way to do that than make those images into an Interactive Non Fungible Token and display those NFTs using Unity through the Looking Glass Portrait with Leap Motion.

In addition, current NFTs in the marketplace are also not interactive and we wanted to see the Fusion of Blockchain and Augmented Reality make our immersive experiences more enriching.

What it does

Memento enables creators to build Interactive Non Fungible Tokens and display them in Looking Glass without the need for code.

Creators, through our Live website can upload images (jpeg or mp4), mint them in the Ethereum Blockchain (Currently Rinkeby testnet), and display those images using Unity and through the Looking Glass Portrait.

How we built it

We built Memento using ReactJs for front end, Solidity for the smart contracts stored in a decentralized Storage (IPFS) and Unity to render into the Looking Glass Portrait.

Challenges we ran into

We met challenges especially in connecting the minted images from the Decentralized url into Unity and Looking Glass. We also had challenges regarding shaders in unity to create the 3 Dimensional NFT image

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Created a live MVP where we were able to upload images, mint in the Ethereum blockchain, display and interact through the Looking Glass portrait.

What we learned

Technical: We learned to look for solutions inorder to effectively render the NFT through the Looking Glass Portrait. We strengthened our understanding with React and our designers also reinforced their understanding in Unity.

Soft skills: We also leaned to work in a fast paced environment where diversity is key. We have a team of Blokchain Developer, UX/UI Designer, Unity Developer, Front End and Project Management. This allowed us to be more emphatic and trust the expertise of each other.

Some notes: We believe that In person Hackathons are still best because they provide the best venue to really see how each of us works compared with Virtual. We get to know each other and understand our uniqueness, quirks and idiosyncracies.

What's next for MEMENTO

  1. The next steps are fully automated the pipeline from uploading images, minting and displaying the NFTs through the Looking Glass portrait. Another consideration is using an API to be able to quickly render the NFTs without having to go through manually in Unity.

  2. We will also talk with prospective Investors for Funding opportunities to continue the project as we believe that Interactive NFTs are still nascent and we have a big opportunity to disrupt the marketplace.

  3. It is also important to receive feedback from Creators and users who are interested in creating Interactive Non Fungible token to create a much better UI. We will also be asking and discussing with creators both from the Web 2 and Web 3 space.

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