Memento takes you into the daily trials of Officer Layla Greene, an eager cop with a lot to learn about what it truly means to protect and serve. Throughout the game, Layla will face a multitude of trials, always racing against the clock to keep the city safe. She will run, jump, and climb across the city, seeking out danger wherever it may be lurking. She will make tough decisions about how to handle situations with no obvious solutions, relying on her personal values to make tough calls. And in the end, she will live with the consequences of her actions. Memento is a new way of looking at the way story can inform gameplay, as well as provide an engaging experience. The game is designed to take place over a series of episodes, with decisions from previous episodes impacting later events, making each decision count. The game was submitted into the student category of the 2014 IGF competition, but did not place.

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