whitespace and innovation

What it does

  • finds bad words like whitespace
  • stalks your profile and tells mr. admin who's stalking you whether you all are sad, but in a very anonymous manner so that your data doesn't get leaked onto the dark web :(

How we built it

chrome extension

  • a bunch of js for frontend
  • google vision api, firebase to dump data
  • webtospeech chrome framework for realtime speech to text

flask server

  • paypal invoices api (to interact w/ chrome extension)

client frontend

  • a bunch more js and a lot of whitespace
  • apexcharts framework for visualization

Challenges we ran into

whitespace sounds like white space and it sounds like quiet space

Accomplishments that we're proud of

good bye whitespace

What we learned

whitespace deserves to vanish and taking an hour out of the 5h i spent to working to eat chicken tendies was worth

What's next for memelytics

more memes

Built With

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