What it does

Memelet is a meme flashcard generator. The process is very simple:

1) Ask a question

2) If you want, you can provide an optional answer to your question (if you do not provide an answer, Memelet will find the answer for you)

3) Your unique meme will be generated

4) Profit Study, or share your flashcard memes with your friends


Memes are a universal method of communication and entertainment for millions. In a world where almost every student is being exposed to memes, memes become a crucial way of reaching younger audiences, or in this case: students. We wanted to utilize memes to introduce audiences to new topics, and give them an easier, more efficient, and appealing way of studying. Whether this tool will be used to study for school, introduce people to STEM, or just for funny & educational memes will be up to our users' creativity. The potential is endless!

One of the biggest bonding points for students is already memes. If you go to a random classroom and watch students interact, many of the conversations you hear will be about memes, meme references, and inside jokes. With Memelet, the power to create relevant memes will also spread to students and classmates with similar interests. Memelet will help build a community for students using one of the most powerful tools of our century: memes. Many companies have already recognized the influence memes have on millions and adapted to marketing via memes. Why not use the same principle for an educational & fun purpose?

How we built it

For our tech stack, we used React, Next.js, TailwindCSS, Python, and Flask.

The basic idea of how our program works is as follows:

1) The front end connects to our custom API

2) Our API generates the answer to the question (with the Wolfram Alpha API)

3) Our API creates a meme according to the question and answer

4) The meme image URL is then sent to the front end for display

Why Use Memelet instead of regular flashcards?

There are two components. The first one is a social component, and the second one is about study efficiency:

1) Many students tend to procrastinate during their school life. While procrastinating, students like to scroll through memes on Instagram or Reddit. This allows students to look at memes and study for their exams at the same time with generated memes containing their study materials. If you're going to look at memes anyways, why not look at memes for studying?

2) It is easier to remember memes than it is to remember text. According to Psychology Today: "Words are abstract and rather difficult for the brain to retain, whereas visuals are concrete and, as such, more easily remembered". Memelet leverages this fact by helping your brain associate pieces of information with meme visuals.

Challenges we ran into

To be perfectly honest, everything was exceptionally smooth during this Hackathon. Apart from that, a few obstacles we faced were during making the UI compatible with mobile and connecting our API to the UI.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have created a fully functional meme flashcard generator that could actually be used in real life. We are also proud of how polished the final application is given the small timeframe that it was completed in.

What we learned

We learned how to use the Wolfram Alpha API, and how to set up a custom API. We also utilized some React components that we had not used before.

What's next for Memelet

Throughout this Hackathon, we've actually implemented a surprising amount of features to our website. Some of the memes generated were much better quality than we had anticipated. Even with this considered, a better AI to generate memes with more relevant images could be implemented in the future.

Also implementing a user authentication system where each user can have a collection of flashcards they can use could be a good course of action. With this user account system, we could create an entire study application where the user would first see the question, try to answer it, then the meme would be flipped to show the answer. If the user answered correctly, they would get a point. The user could track their progress on how many questions they've gotten right over time as well.

Try it out!

Our application is deployed ~ memelet.study

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