The web is filled with too much hate and discrimination these days. From border walls, to hate speech. Bad! We thought we'd create something that would change all that and brighten people’s day up.

What it does

Memeify turns controversial political figures and violent events into swanky programmer memes. Content including President Trump is automatically replaced, but users have the option to block additional items such as Mike Pence, ISIS, Xenophobia, Hate Speech, and NSFW content. Serious vocabulary words on the page are also replaced with funny and lighthearted words such as “violence” to “love and peace”, and “Trump” to “Wallman”.

How we built it

Memeify is a Chrome extension built on HTML and JavaScript.

Challenges we ran into

Finding and replacing the correct words in the DOM was challenging to implement. We initially tried adding all the text on screen to a single string before realizing that was horribly inefficient. Another challenge was adding search parameters to locate images. We were originally going to feed the images on the webpage through a reverse image search, but that yielded inconsistent results, so we changed the algorithm to search for the file name instead.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The feeling of your code running without crashing for the first time was unlike no other. This was our first time creating extensions for Chrome, and we were surprised how simple it was. We learned a lot about JavaScript, and it demystified creating tools that serve a purpose.

What we learned

We learned that it isn’t smart to drink four bottles of Coffiest and demo on 2 hours of sleep, but also that perseverance, hard work, and collaboration won’t fail to bring you success.

What's next for Memeify

Memeify can be used to act as a lightweight content filter. More parameters and more memes can be added for an even better browsing experience on sketchier webpages. In the future, users will also be able to contribute their favourite memes’ to Memeify’s meme repository.

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