Inspiration: We wanted to use the Clarifai API and Linode servers to establish an efficient and easier way for tagging and describing your favorite memes.

What it does: Memefai detects images based on the number of upvotes a subreddit post contains. It then generates tags that are appropriately associated with the image(s) displayed. This is hosted using Linode servers, allowing us to run our program constantly without it having to take up space on any of our computers.

How we built it: Memefai consists of the Clarifai and Postman APIs and is built with Python and Git, all while being hosted on Linode servers.

Challenges we ran into : We have requested access from the Reddit moderators for permission to run the algorithm for our Memefai bot, however up to this point we have not received a response neither accepting nor denying such access. Therefore, we have had to make the decision to work under the premise that our actions are allowed and acceptable, until such an instance that the Reddit moderators determine that our actions should cease.

During our scripting stages, we encountered a fundamental flaw in our logic. We had made the assumption that the images located within the subreddit had the .jpg stored within the subreddit link. However, some images led to another site,, therefore to deal with our flaw we had to reformat the link that the post was leading to. In doing so, we created a path directly from the reddit post to the .jpg file.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: This is most of the group’s first experience with Python, making it a challenge for us to complete this project. Despite the lack of knowledge most of us had about Python, we were able to finish this collaborative effort through diligence, communication between peers and mentors, and a positive mindset.

What we learned: We expanded our knowledge on Git and Python and how they are very resourceful languages in the workforce, expanded our knowledge on servers and their usefulness, opened our eyes to the amazing device that is Clarifai, and also expanded our knowledge about the wide world of memes (the internet's greatest communication device).


What's next for Memefai: To expand along and beyond the surface of Reddit! To build the biggest database of memes the world has ever seen!

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