A bot for sending memes on request to users in different messaging apps. Created at Revolution UC 2016.

What does it do?

The bot is built in django, and uses python to access reddit, find memes, and reply to requests with memes.


Using your favorite linux hosting service, make sure the dependencies below are installed. Your bot will recieve requests on a url of style

"[Your domain name].com:[Open port]/GroupMe/"

Clone this repository into a directory of your choosing.

$git clone

Go to and login using your groupme username. Pick a group, name your bot, and provide a callback url to the url you specified above. You can provide an image if you so choose.

On you'll be able to see the bots you have created. Add a new line to Bots/GroupMeBots.txt with the Bot's Group ID and Bot ID, formatted as:

[GroupID], [Bot ID]

Start your server on a port you specified earlier:

$python Bots/ runserver[PORT]

Your server will now interpret messages for every bot you specified in Bots/GroupMeBots.txt.

Great work!

Current dependencies


Main Bot

  • Requests
  • jsonpickle
  • django
  • praw
  • beautifulsoup4

Built With

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