We wanted to make a meme project for once and decided on this. Plus having something to prank our friends is a perk.

What it does

As a person types a python script runs in the background to detect key strokes. When a key is pressed a vine or meme video related to the key that was pressed opens and begins to play. When the video is finished the player stays open until the next available key that is pressed will begin the next video, and this will continue to loop through until the script is terminated.

How we built it

Memeboard was built using python3. The libraries used were opencv, ffpyplayer, and keyboard. Keyboard was used to detect key strokes. Opencv was used to play videos. Ffpyplayer was used to play the audio.

Challenges we ran into

Video resolution was an issue because the higher quality the video was the more laggy it was when it was played. We decided to make the video 360x360 for the size not to take over the screen and it was not laggy. Another issue we ran into was getting audio and video to play. For some reason we could not get it to work so we had to use a combination of two libraries to work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making a meme project was pretty fun to get it to a level where the meme came through

What we learned

How to get audio and video in sync.

What's next for Memeboard

Mass production and distribution ;-)

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