Annoyed with the banal advertisements of the internet era, we decided to change the advertisement experience for the better. We could have simply eliminated all the advertisements and fall into the established path of conventional adblockers. But we are an innovative, unconventional, uncommon team. Instead we scoured the internet, and replaced advertisements with the dankest memes the world wide web has to offer. We present you, memeBlock!

What it does

Replaces advertisements on websites with only the dankest of maymays.

How we built it

Based our code off of the source code of AdBlock and CatBlock. We didn't write much code from scratch, but we learned how to implement desired features.

Challenges we ran into

Came up with a ton of ideas that four lesser experienced hackers were likely not capable of, so had to scramble for something a bit easier. Also 3/4 of us had never used Javascript.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning Javascript (3 first time users), finding the highest quality memes

What we learned


What's next for Memeblock

Maximum dankness

Built With

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