Sharing MeMes are most trending way to enjoy and get a good laugh among your friends. So why not make a gallery of memes where people from all over the world can share their memes and share with the world. That gave rise to Meme-Stream aka Hall of Memes. and take sharing memes to a new level.

What it does

The user needs to enter his/her name , caption and meme image URL and submit and the data is send back to the flask server that stores it to the database and when some other user opens the site all the memes uploaded on the server is rendered on the site (including the new ones). The users can also update the meme URL and captions in later point of time and also permanently deleting the meme, which make to change in the server.

How we built it

The whole Project can be divided into-:

  1. Frontend-: which is made using HTML, CSS , JavaScript, bootstrap
  2. Connection-: done by JQuery
  3. Backend-: created by Python, Flask, MySQL, SQLAlchemy
  4. Deployment-: Backend on HEROKU Frontend on GoDaddy Domain and GithubPages

Challenges we ran into

Well the journey to made it was not completely smooth. We faced some issues like-: CORS error which occurs when working on cross platform API calls Auto reload on actions also gave quite some issues. and Finally connecting the site to domain it was completely new for all of us. But we managed somehow and completed the project well in time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Some accomplishments that we are proud of are for the other two members it was their first hackathon and they enjoyed and learnt a lot. The website is fully responsive for all large medium and small devices and working as its meant to be. The meme cards are actually links too the meme images itself so if you happen to find a meme that amuse you you can download it and save it for future. Also, we tried to make the make the website with user-friendly as possible which you can try out by visiting the link below.

What we learned

We learnt the basics of HTTP requests and how to send and receive JSON data and parse it and present the data in interactive way. We also learnt how to use bootstrap and make use of it make to make interactive sites. Also making both frontend and backend opened us to whole new domain we could work on and create new stuff mixing techstacks.

What's next for Meme-Stream

For future stage we have thought to make the website into a full-fledged social media dedicated to memes adding features like login/logout, like ,comment and share options and also add a messenger so that people with same tastes can interact and build connections.

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